Pnuematech 50 - 350 Bar HP Filters

Pneumatech’s high pressure filters are engineered to cost effectively provide the best air purity and meet today’s increasing quality demands up to working pressures of 350 barg/5075 psig. All high pressure filter housings are hydraulically tested to ensure safe and reliable operation at all times. The hydrostatic test certificate is supplied with every filter.

The high pressure filters are available in 3 pressure ranges. The 50 barg (725 psig) range is available in both aluminum and stainless steel housings. As the performance of both filters is the same, the choice between the 2 can be made based on the customer’s preference. The 100 barg (1450 psig) and 350 barg (5075 psig) filters are available in stainless steel housings.


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