Pneumatech BA 5 - 310 Breathing Air Purifiers. EU Pharmacopoeia Compliant

The Pneumatech BA range of Compressed Air Purification solutions for Breathing Air, Medical & FMCGG applications are built to exceed standards.

Featuring compliance with stringent international standards including EN12021 & European Pharmacopeia, OSHA Grade D, NFPA-99, CSA Z180. 1-00, CGA G7.1-1997, BS 4275, ISO 14971, OHSAS 18001 they guarantee, safe, dry, pure, breathable air for the user.

The Pneumatech Breathing Air range utilizes a special 7-stage filtration process to achieve unparalleled compressed air purity.

  • Water Separator - For liquid water 
  • Fine Filter - For Oil and Water aerosols
  • Super Fine Filter - For Oil and Water aerosols
  • Adsorption Dryer - For Water vapour and CO2 (-40 DegC PDP)
  • Activated Carbon - For Gaseous impurities
  • Catalyst - For CO oxidation to CO2
  • Bacteria Filter - For Bacteria & dust particles



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