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When it comes to medical grade compressed air and gas, our intelligent design approach, attention to detail and excellent after sales maintenance & support coupled with a high quality range of European made, ISO & EU Pharmacopoeia compliant, class 0 medical grade compressed air equipment and piping systems give our clients the peace of mind to work in the operating theatre or in the laboratory and know that, whatever the procedure, there is no risk of contamination from impure, non-compliant air or gas. 

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As the Western Cape Distributors for Ceccato Aria Compressor and Pnuematech Gas & Filtration systems, we supply, install and maintain a full range of oil free compressors and gas generators, vacuum pumps, air dryers, anti bacterial filtration, activated carbon towers, as well as compressed gas flow and purity monitoring systems for complete, safe and reliable medical grade compressed air solutions to suit any application. All fully backed up worldwide through the Atlas Copco Industrial Brand Distributor Network.

Oil Free Compressors

Oil free, Class 0 scroll and rotary screw type compressors 6.1 - 328CFM

Gas Generators

High purity and flow Nitrogen and Oxygen generators for Medical & Scientific use.

Medical Grade Air Purification

Standards Compliant air drying, storage & filtration for medical applications.

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