Ceccato wisAIR 40 - 75HP Oil Free Rotary Screws

True Class 0, Oil Free Compressed Air for All Applications

WIS 15 - 55kW oil-free compressors provide high-quality compressed air for a range of industrial, medical, FMCG and scientific applications. Available in both fixed and variable speed control options, they are both economical and ecological compressors. The range is built focusing on three pillars to make them stand out.

Oil-free quality air

- Ultimate 100% oil free, clean air.
- The integrated air dryer enhances the air quality and protects your air network against corrosion.

Energy efficiency

- The most energy efficient compression due to low air discharge temperatures & optimized rotor profiles 
- Integrated inverter technology assures  a perfect match of air supply and air demand.
-  Direct driven no loss drive train.
-  Graphic, full color screen controller with  intelligent energy saving features.

Ultimate reliability 

- Friction free hydrodynamic bearings lubricated by clean, filtered lubricant.
-  Durable materials to exclude any risk of corrosion.
-  Reduced rotor stresses due to soft start up process.


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